Harari Investments, LLC

Expanding Access to the Global Economy via Collective Investment and Education is Our Mission

Investment Opportunities, Education and Training

Investment Opportunities

Warehouses, retail storage facilities, oil storage infrastructure, apartments, boutique hotel development and operations, mixed-use developments. Residential housing developments.

Education and Training

The goal of Harari Investments' education and training program is to educate and train underserved communities in accessing and utilizing capital and financial instruments for the creation of generational wealth.

Investment Focus Areas

What We Do and Our Process

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Market Analysis and Selection

We conduct thorough market research and analysis to identify lucrative opportunities in emerging and established markets.

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Project Development

We partner with sector and industry veterans and oversee the development of all Harari Investment projects from conception to completion.

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Operations and Management

Once projects are completed and operational, we believe in utilizing best practices and the latest in technical and managerial expertise to ensure consistent returns for partners in our projects.

Financial literacy and education is at the heart of Harari Investments and our community-focused strategy.

Damon F. Harari, Founder

As an experiened investor in real estate, equities and alternative investments with over 20 of experience I have seen the difference made by education and training along with the right investment approach.

My goal with Harari investments is to allow small investors the opportunity to have a stake in the American and global economy.

Specializing in the U.S., Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East Regions

U.S. Investment Focus: Residential and Commerical Real Estate, Energy, Small Business, Traditional and Alternative Investments

Caribbean Investment Focus: Luxury and Hotel/Resort Real Estate, Construction, Energy and Infrastructure

Sub-Saharan Africa Investment Focus: Energy, Infrastructure, Small Business, Traditional and Alternative Investments

Middle East Investment Focus: Energy, Infrastructure